“The last mission of General Ermakov”

Lev Nikolaevich Gorelov is 93 year-old man who lives in Odessa. He commanded the Soviet Air Forces in August 1968, in the period when they landed in Prague. His close friend, Juri Michajlovich Ermakov, is 72 years old, and he commanded Ground Forces in 1968, in the military operation called “Danube”. They both are members of the office of Odessa Union of soldiers-internationalists.
Lev Gorelov has a dream. He wants to collect all ex-comrades who were with them in 1968 in Czechoslovakia. For this mission he sends Juri Ermakov to fly through the mayor ex-Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, and Belorussia) and find the combatants form the operation 1968. It might be his last mission.
We will follow the character though his flight above the countries and the time.
We will see the network of Unions of the soldiers – internationalists all other the ex-Soviet Union. Everybody has its own personal story. All of them in summer 1968 were young and full of hopes. They believed in Mission they have in Czechoslovakia: to protect locals from the American invasion.
Odessa / Sevastopol / Minsk / Moscow. Each of this cities has its network of Union of international soldiers. The main idea of this associations is giving a support to old soldiers who were fighting in Afghanistan. Thei mission to Czechoslovakia also has its special value for their members. This unions have theatrical evenings, musical concerts, even their own newspaper. We will film, how General Ermakov is searching for his comrades, how he meets people and explains them his last mission. How do they remember their past together.
The ending of this Ermakov’s mission will take place in Ruzyne airport in Prague. As 50 years ago, the plane full of ex-soldiers, and now old men, will arrive to Czech Republic. They will see how this country changed.
Anyway, the mission 1968 was perfectly prepared and organized. It was done in piece, almost without victims at all. This is because of perfect preparation of Generals Gorelov, Ermakov and others. For me it’s a documentary about the personal choice and personal responsibility. Even being a soldier, you must do your bests to save people’s lives
Our upcoming documentary will have a structure similar to The Magnificent Seven (1960, USA). The main protagonist will search for the rest of the team to complete his last “military” mission. This documentary is extremely important because of its actuality nowadays. It seems that Russia has the reincarnation of Soviet Union now. It’s important to show how the countries progress with and without collaboration with Russia.