Voices in the Forest

In the summer of 1968, more than 16.000 East-German soldiers are stationed in the Saxonian forests and barracks close to the Czechoslovakian border: youngsters on the verge between boyhood and adult life, anticipating a mission that would never happen:
A lieutenant solves a crossword puzzle by filling out random letters. A soldier sweeps a herringbone pattern made of spruce needles. Hoards of men wear gas masks and stumble through the forest. Someone asks his comrades to throw away their ammunition and goes to jail. Others get drunk and shoot at each other. In middle of this time of absurdity and stasis, a secret little radio keeps a man from losing his mind.

Three ex-soldiers return to the old place where they left behind their boyhood: The borderland and the forest area where their military divisions were stationed. Today, they reconquer the historic places and turn them into a stage for their music, their art, their freedom of thought.

VOICES IN THE FOREST is a light-hearted and playful semi-fictional documentary and explores the young soldiers’ inner struggles and their survival in a world of lies and make-believe.