An Unnecessary Hero

Sergeant Nikolay Nikola Tsekov was one of two thousand Bulgarian soldiers who were sent to Czechoslovakia to dispose of counter-revolution.
Most of these were in charge of guarding the airport Ruzyne. Bulgarians were in the trenches around the airport, guarded and waited to attack counterrevolutionaries who have not come yet.
Neither come clean clothes, the invasion planners probably did not count on the fact that soldiers are dug in for a few weeks in one place.
Instead of clean underwear came Bulgarian military brass band and played the song “The Balkans on the Vltava river”.
September 9, just on the day of Bulgaria’s national holiday, around 9 pm Nikolov told his superior that he needs to go to the bathroom. He left and never returned.
Nikolov decided to leave for a better life and moved to the West.
He goes through the green border to the West Germany.
He tried to stop a  car along the way, finally after a  long time he succeeded to catch one.
It was fecal car.
Perhaps this attempt would be funny if it happened in a different historical moment. Unfortunately, events of the night of 9th September 1968 went in a different direction.
We do not know how these events were ground, but the result was different: on the deserted road around the New House Miroslav Frolik, Rudolf Stanski and Jiri Baloušek killed a young sergeant Nikolov, who previously took the car and then threw his body into the woods.
All three went to the nearest pub and boasted – they killed the Soviet occupier and facilitated the work of the police.
All three were convicted.
Nikolay Nikolov became not only a murder victim, but the victim of propaganda. According to the epoch in which they talked about it, it was displayed as either a hero or a traitor.
Two monuments were built in memoriam of Nikolay.
The first statue is located in the village where he was born and the other statue is located in the cemetery in the Czech Republic. One sculpture was stolen, on the other his name was written incorrectly, and was often painted, knocked-over, disgraced.
Legends and their different versions hides a tragic story that is much deeper than all that has been written. The fate of a young man who tried to escape from the absurd world into which he was thrown and died by the hands of people who he did not want to fight.