Documentary film about Occupation as occupants see it.

Five countries of Warsaw Pact occupied Czechoslovakia in 1968. 50 years after, 5 directors from these 5 countries are going to shoot 5 short films about invasion from the point of view of people, who took part as occupants.

Documentary project about August 1968 is a collective subjective look on the soldiers of “friendly” armies and their thoughts and impressions about Czechoslovak occupation and their tasks within it.

The main question is, how “a small person in Europe” behaves in the front of so known “big history”? Which role plays personal responsibility, preservation of personal point of view or moral, and what happens to it in the moment, when they have to choose between saving their life or obeying the rules? Occupation of Czechoslovakia in August 1968, for the “friendly armies” was of Warsaw agreement, was totally different event, than the one known to us – Czech and Slovak people. It happened at the same time and place, but the coming occupants had very different view of it. Which feelings had the soldiers, who were send to foreign country to “make the order” there? In this film we would be interested in soldiers of different nationalities and “satire pieces”, starting with the soldiers, who just made what they were told to and finishing with the highest ones, who planned the strategy.

In order to get the most diverse views on this complicated topic, we decided to choose five directors from five countries of the former Warsaw Pact, which participated in the occupation of Czechoslovakia – Russia, Poland, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria. The result will be five 26-minute documentary – five different view from inside the five countries. Mosaic of subjective portraits will form a documentary series of 5 workshops, each 26 minutes long dedicated to television, and as a documentary feature ready to go into distribution.

Production info
Feature length documentary film + series of 5 x 26’
Countries of origin: SK-CZ-PL-BG-HU
Production: august – september 2017
Estimated delivery: February 2018
Languages: Czech, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, German, English
Format: 4K DCP, blu ray
Estimated length: 120 min. + 5 x 26 min.

download here PRESSKIT / English 

Artfilm Festival
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Sofia International Film Festival
Rhode Island International Film Festival
Sarajevo International Film Festival
Trieste International Film Festival
Titanic International Film Festival
GoEast Festival Of Central And Eastern European Film
LET’S CEE Film Festival
Against Gravity Film Festival
Eastern Neighbours Film Festival
Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival

Hypermarket Film s.r.o. (CZ)
ELF Pictures Kft. (HU)
Ceska televize (CZ)

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